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Are You Looking For a Dentist in Lincoln CA?

lincoln dentist Dr. Rubina Khorana DDS Bella Vista Smiles. Dental Emergencies, General, Cometic, Restorative, Preventative, Pediatric, Family Dentistry. Dentist in Lincoln, CA 95648

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but remember to brush your teeth once you’re done! At Bella Vista Smiles, we give the power of white, healthy smiles back to the community. Our family dentistry offers advanced treatments, exceptional care, and skilled professionals. Like a modern-day King Midas, everything we touch turns to gold- or in this case, white! That’s why our dentistry has invested in the finest tools, skilled staff, and a spacious office for you to call home 2.0. Get started today, and visit our spectacular dentist in Lincoln, California.


Why Should I go to the Dentist? 

Today, it’s cool to have white teeth! According to numerous US studies, healthy teeth make you appear more attractive, intelligent, and successful. A white smile means good impressions among your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Aside from looking good, you’ll also feel good. While minor issues- such as cavities and pulp infections- may not hurt initially, that can change quickly. At Bella Vista Smiles, we can catch infections with a steel fist and treat them before they worsen. It’s bliss to live in dental ignorance, but for how long? Be smart, be with us. 


What Services do you Provide? 

At Bella Vista Smiles, we’ve expanded our dental catalog to cover everything from Invisalign to oral and maxillofacial surgery: 


Why does Bella Vista Smiles Rated so Highly? 

5-Star rates naturally come with 5-star care! You can read our fantastic reviews here. After all, stepping into our office feels like a luxury suite in the Bahamas. We uphold and maintain specific standards of cleanliness, health, and proficiency that can’t be beaten. Join the hundreds of other families that call us their “family dentist” and secure an appointment today. 

Is Going to the Dentist Safe? 

Yes! We have given thousands of proven treatments and more positive reviews than we can count. Especially when expert dentists are given top-tier equipment (like ours), you’re in good hands.


Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the white-teeth dream! At Bella Vista Smiles, we’ve won the dental lottery with every team member. Call us blessed or extremely lucky; we’ll let you decide: 

Dr. Rubina Khorana

Had Dr. Rubina disappeared after Thanos’s snap, the world- and your teeth- would’ve been a darker place! Dr. Rubina is a “miracle worker” who whitens every smile. She graduated with a DDS from the University of Pacific. Dr. Rubina enjoys connecting to nature through hiking, visiting beaches, and exploring the great outdoors with her husband. 


Leah is a bundle of sunshine turned into a dental assistant. In 2017 she became an RDA and has 17 years of dental practice. When Leah isn’t working, she spends time with her children, singing or traveling. 


Sarah can keep your teeth clean against all odds! She started her dental practice in 1996 as a dental assistant. Sarah worked as an RDA for eight years before graduating from dental hygiene school in 2006. Her claim to fame is her knack for wine tasting and spending time with family. 


The Best Dentist in Lincoln, California

Are you ready to unleash your teeth’s inner divina natura? If so, consider this your Hogwarts letter to a better smile. With our vast expertise and love of dentistry, you have modern-day superheroes at your side. 

Our dental office is a portal into a magical world where your teeth are white, bright, and healthy. If you want the best dentist in Lincoln, request an appointment in Lincoln, California, today!