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Effective Lincoln Dental Restorations

We often take eating and speaking for granted until we have complications with our oral health. In many cases, patients wait until their oral health has deteriorated before they prioritize a trip the dentist. However, visiting the dentist as soon as issues arise can greatly improve your smile’s function and beauty. What’s more, making sure your oral health is in great shape makes your teeth more resistance to wear and tear, creating a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Bella Vista Smiles offers dental restorations and other preventive treatments in Lincoln, CA. Call our practice to schedule an appointment for you and your loved ones.

Restorations we offer include:

Composite fillings are exceptional tooth-colored options that can restore a smile that has been treated for small cavities. These fillings match the color of surrounding teeth and consistently take on heavy occlusal loads without failure and are much safer than their amalgam counterpart.

Inlays and onlays work similar to fillings but are made with porcelain or metal material for a stronger, more durable restoration. Inlays work to restore the inside of the tooth and move toward a portion of the outside, whereas onlays work to restore from the outside layer moving inward.

Crowns completely cover a treated or damaged tooth to protect it against further damage or decay. These prosthetics also replace the structure of broken teeth, restoring the tooth’s function and appearance. We use natural-looking porcelain material to easily match surrounding teeth.

Bridges fill small gaps in the smile with the use of a small prosthetic made to look like a group of teeth. This procedure is a permanent fix to missing teeth, offering a reliable cosmetic and functional solution that lasts many years with proper care.

Full and partial dentures replace any number of missing teeth up to an entire arch. This reliable solution helps those with missing teeth to restore their complete smile. 

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement and help to completely redesign the smile after tooth loss. Our practice both places and restores dental implants for your convenience. 

We love helping our patients by restoring their smiles and returning optimal oral function. Call our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rubina today, and explore all the options available for dental restorations in Lincoln, CA.