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Dental Implants

Dental Implants & Implant Restorations in Lincoln

Tooth loss can happen to the best of us, even affecting those who have spent a lifetime conscientiously caring for their teeth. There are several circumstances that can make tooth loss unavoidable, but the good news is that our Lincoln dental implant dentist offers excellent solutions that can return full form and function to your smile.

  • Replace a single tooth
  • Replace multiple teeth
  • Replace all top or bottom teeth

Bella Vista Smiles serves people in Lincoln and Rocklin with dental implant restorations, an amazing treatment for missing teeth. With experience and expertise, Dr. Rubina accurately places implants and provides gorgeous restorations.


Implant Treatment Begins with Jaw Bone Inspection

Implants rely on a healthy jaw bone, which is why Dr. Rubina begins implant treatment with a careful inspection of your jaw’s health. A small percentage of patients may have lost bone mass due to a process called resorption. If necessary, Dr. Rubina augments the bone with a bone graft.


Our Implant Treatments in Lincoln

Single-Tooth Implant Restorations in Lincoln

A dental implant restoration for a single missing tooth is a free-standing, lustrous porcelain crown that is matched to adjacent teeth and supports a strong and normal bite. The implant post maintains the health of your jaw bone and eliminates the need of alterations to neighboring teeth. An implant-supported restoration looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Often, when a solitary tooth requires replacement, it is likely due to damage or decay that has irreparably harmed the tooth’s root. When the root is damaged, a dentist may have no other recourse than to extract the tooth. 

After tooth loss, the jaw bone stops receiving vital stimulation that preserves its structure, which can jeopardize the health of neighboring teeth. Furthermore, with a gap in your smile, surrounding teeth begin to shift out of place, as they start to fill open spaces in your dentition. Dental implant restorations prevent these common issues that occur after tooth loss.


Dental Implant-Supported Bridges

Dental implants can also support a dental bridge for a row of two or more missing teeth. The bridge can be supported by as few as two implant posts, and it returns beauty and full function to your smile. The bridge is designed to match surrounding teeth in color and contour, giving you a seamless restoration. 

Implant-supported bridges have several advantages over their traditional counterparts; they do not require any alterations to healthy neighboring teeth. Since they are supported by tooth roots consisting of titanium posts, they are free-standing. The implants also preserve the health of the jaw bone by preventing it from shrinking due to resorption. 

Bridges are made of acrylic that is matched to gums and pearly white crowns. They are attached to implant posts using abutments. When cared for, they can last a lifetime. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are an excellent solution for people who have lost a full arch of teeth. The dentures include gum colored acrylic that is matched to your soft tissue and porcelain crowns, which can be personalized to give you a smile that flatters your unique natural beauty. Sometimes a full set of dentures can be supported with as few as four implant posts. This can expedite healing times and save you money. 

The implants are carefully placed into the jaw to give the dentures maximum support. The posts also help preserve the jaw bone by providing stimulation and regenerating bone growth. When bone loss is prevented, your facial structure retains its youthful appearance.

There are two types of implant supported dentures:

  • Hybrid Dentures are permanently placed onto implant posts using abutments. 
  • Overdentures are supported by dental implants. They can be removed and clip onto implant posts. 

Sometimes traditional dentures can be retrofitted to gain support from dental implant posts. Dental implants have a 95% rate of success when they are cared for properly.

Improved Implant Placement With 3D Images

When the jaw is ready, Dr. Rubina carefully implants titanium posts, which function as tooth roots. Critical to the success of implants is their strategic placement, and Bella Vista Smiles uses 3D scans that reveal detailed images of your unique oral structure. A predetermined plan is programmed into a robotic cylinder for precise and optimal implant placement. 

Rejuvenate Jawbone Growth With Dental Implants

One of the amazing benefits of dental implants is their ability to stimulate new bone growth, which rejuvenates the jaw and helps you maintain a youthful appearance. Through a process called osseointegration, bone growth surrounds the implant posts, fortifying both the implant and the jaw. 

Implants Support Several Types of Prosthetics

The implant posts require about four months to successfully fuse with the bone, and then you are ready for placement of a restorative prosthetic. Prosthetics are lifelike and gorgeous, and comprise pearly white porcelain crowns.  Your implants can support a single crown, a bridge, or a complete set of dentures, such as: 

  • Porcelain Crowns for single tooth replacements
  • Dental bridges to support a row of teeth
  • Hybrid Permanent Dentures to support a full arch of missing teeth
  • Overdentures to support removable dentures

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